Highway Radar

Application that helps with spotting speed traps and road hazards early


Highway Radar is and will remain a completely free application. It doesn't have any ads or spyware, and I have no plans of adding them.

Unfortunately, maintaining such an app isn't free. There are multiple sources of expenses, including running servers, purchasing data subscriptions, software licenses, and more. These expenses are normally paid out of my pocket, so I appreciate any donations.


The all-round best option for both recurring and one-time donations. Ko-fi charges a very low fee, and the platform is very easy to use. You can donate with PayPal or credit card.

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Another option for recurring donations. They charge much higher fee than Liberapay. However, Patreon may be easier to use, especially if you're already donating to someone on this platform. Every donation is very much appreciated, regardles of the fee :)

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PayPal direct

If you prefer to donate directly via PayPal, you can send your donation to b>[email protected].


An alternative option for recurring donations. Liberapay charges a very low fee, but isn't as convenient as Ko-fi. You can donate with credit card.

If using Liberapay, please consider annual donations instead of monthly or weekly. This way the payment processing fee is significantly lower.

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